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Muki is a company with know-how in all the web and social media’s field and with a fast response capability. The team is organized, structured and have a deep knowledge of the digital media. We are satisfied with Muki and will continue to work our Starfoods’ brands with Muki,

Ana Stilwell, Starfoods

Choosing Muki as a partner for social media in Angola was the right option! Organized, structured and with deep knowledge of the angolan market, Muki gave us the confidence that our Facebook page is contributing to increase the engagement of our fans with our brand, and the proof is that in less than a year we have the second FMCG Facebook page in Angola with more likes.

Vasco Luís, Gallo Worldwide

I had the opportunity to Work with Muki on a social media campaign. At a time where i was desperate to find the proper talents in social media in Angola, Muki arrived like a savior angel. Not only they were very receptive, provided good customer support , but also delivered on the brief and achieved the target metrics within 80% of the time allocated and within the budget. I am looking forward to work with Muki on a new project.

Elias Fayad, Angoalissar


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